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Please note that this service can be booked through your Funeral Director. Travel charges may apply.

If you'd like to speak with Farewell Films for whatever reason, feel free to call James on 087 2698 248.

We can also tailor video or livestream coverage to your own individual requirements.

Option A: €375

Video of Funeral Mass 


  • Discreet Camera & Wireless Microphones

  • Link to view video delivered within 24 hours - Private or Public Access on request

  • HD Video Quality

  • Free hosting in our Online Archive for 1 year

Option B: €525

Video of Funeral Mass



  • Discreet Camera & Wireless Microphones

  • We supply our own 4G Broadband Connection

  • A link to view the Funeral Mass LIVE is sent the day before the ceremony.

  • The Live Stream can be added to the death notice.

  • Video of Mass also Delivered Online within 24 hours - Private or Public Access on request

  • HD Video Quality

  • Free hosting in our Online Archive for 1 year


  • Video Recording of Burial Service

    • €145 if on the Church Grounds

    • €245 if at a second location within 20km of the Church

  • Drone Footage of the Church:

    • €145 - Please note: Filmed before the ceremony and before anyone arrives.

  • Photo Montage:

    • €125 - Up to 50 photos (digital images only) can be added to the start or end of the funeral video.

  • USB or DVD Delivery:

    • 1x DVD - €35

    • 1x USB - €35

Postage costs to an Irish address included.


  1. Live streaming is only normally available in areas with sufficient 4G coverage. A full address must be supplied to allow us to check this in advance. Where 4G is available, we provide our own dedicated broadband connection at each service to ensure the highest quality live stream. 

  2. While we supply our own 4G router and broadband, there can be issues with the 4G reception that is beyond our control. In the event that a 4G signal is not available on the day, the mass will still be recorded and uploaded later that day for viewing.


  1. Prices include VAT at 13.5%. Our package prices and options are subject to change from time to time and without notice. In the event of loss, damage or failure to deliver the final product, the limit of liability shall not exceed the contract price stated herein
  2. Farewell Films is a fully registered Irish business with full public liability and product liability insurance. It is the responsibility of Farewell Films to ensure that the required insurances are in place for the event.

  3. The video footage is retained by Farewell Films for no longer than 12 months following the event date.

  4. Farewell Films will not be held liable for any production problems beyond our control, e.g. bad weather, accidents, poor acoustics/lighting, interference from guests, limitations within ceremony venue.

  5. Aerial Filming is strictly subject to IAA regulations, location rules, suitable weather and safe conditions on the day. In the event the footage cannot be filmed on the day, a refund of the optional Aerial Filming charge is available or else stock aerial footage can be used if preferred.

  6. While we always make great efforts to reach our delivery times, delays outside our control are sometimes possible. If there are any delays in the estimated delivery time or date, you will be contacted in advance. 

  7. Upon taking possession of the finished product, the client must inform Farewell Films of any technical issues within 10 calendar days.  Any technical problems will be addressed at no extra cost to the client. After 10 calendar days, if no notification has been received, the client will be deemed to be satisfied with the product. 

  8. If the client has chosen the optional USB and/or DVD delivery, registered postage costs are included to Republic of Ireland addresses only. Registered UK, EU & International postage is also possible – price dependent on location and are available on request.

  9. Farewell Films exercises the utmost care with respect to the video services and products offered. We will endeavour to work and liaise with the Venues, Priests, Funeral Directors, Musicians and other service providers in the course of filming the event.

  10. Due to demand , we cannot provisionally hold dates. Please note that by confirming a booking the Client accepts all terms & conditions of this service agreement. 

Please note that we can liaise with Funeral Directors and Priests beforehand to discuss all arrangements and ensure you have nothing else to think about on the day.

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